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Welcome to the Shift Change Podcast!

What is The Shift Change? 

The healthcare system can be a tough system to work within because of limited resources and increasing pressures to do more, improve patients outcomes, and be compassionate and caring while also being undervalued and underappreciated. As nurses, we are in a perfect position to see all of the problems within the system, but also have the privilege of understanding all the potential opportunities to improve it from the inside. As nurses, we can sometimes feel so alone when we see the struggles of our patients, their families and our coworkers, the gaps in the systems, the barriers to change, the moral distress and the apathy that can emerge from this seemingly unending struggle.


The Shift Change grew from the imagination of two nurses living and working in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.  They saw the need to help support nurses that go against the grain feel less alone and to make the health care system better. This is a labor of love, a project aimed at giving back and learning more about the power of nurses. 

Mission: The Shift Change Podcast aims to generate thoughtful dialogue, challenge stereotypes and disrupt the status quo by drawing on peer-reviewed evidence, professional experience, and informal dialogue.

Vision:  The Shift Change Podcast will empower and elevate nurses working at all levels and in all contexts to fully engage in healthcare..


  • Strengths-based approaches to individuals and systems

  • Innovation

  • Harm reduction

  • Trauma and violence informed practice

  • ”Everyone is always doing their best”

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